Beach baby

I have nothing even remotely interesting to write this week for Blog Like a Mofo, but by god, I took this challenge and I am going to see it through! So this week, I am putting the ‘boring’ in ‘boring lifestyle blogger’. You have been warned.

Today was a big day for firsts (many of them fairly insignificant). It was my first karate grading (I am now a yellow belt) and Munchkin’s first trip to the beach!

After my grading, the Captain, Munchkin, my parents and I headed to South Beach in Fremantle, which is a really great spot for families with young kids – it’s nice and clear, not too rough and even on a very hot Sunday afternoon, not too busy. We weren’t sure how Munchkin would go at the beach, given her first experience with a backyard pool was not well received, but she took to the ocean like a fish to water (pardon the pun).

The instant the water rolled up the sand and touched her toes, she started laughing, and spent the rest of our time there splashing, kicking and playing in the water. She didn’t want to leave, even when she was shivering badly and her lips were starting to look a little blue.

We also had a great time playing with her, and when mum and dad had enough of swimming they played with Munchkin in the shallows while we enjoyed the deeper water. After sweating up a storm and being completely drained from my grading, the cold, fresh water was exactly what I needed. I’ve decided that I’ll follow every grading with a trip to the beach!

After our swim, we decided to scout around for somewhere to eat. The cafe at the beach stays open until 7.30pm now, but only serves fried foods after 3.30, which is a bit of a bummer.

So after driving in circles for a while, first to find the restaurant my parents suggested, which was closed, and then to find a carpark (so many 15 and 30-minute only spots! Surely the restaurateurs would rather have more long-stay spots for their customers!) and somewhere to eat, we ended up at The Pizza Lounge, walking distance from the beach. Oops!

The food and atmosphere at The Pizza Lounge was excellent! The only problem with the place is that it is a fairly square concrete building with no soft furnishings, so the noise was a bit intense inside – as a result, our order came out incorrectly, but we all had enough to eat and they refunded us one pizza that we realised at the end we’d been charged for but not received. But the food we did get was so good – wood-fired pizzas with heaps of awesome options, marinated kalamata olives and spicy Italian sausage. We can all highly recommend it! Maybe just write down your orders for them, to avoid confusion 🙂

Munchkin tried ginger beer for the first time (she liked it!) as well as spicy sausage (not a fan) and chilli (swing and a miss!), and she had a great time playing at the kid-sized chalkboard tables before our meals arrived. I’m considering painting one of our small tables with chalkboard paint, so it was good to see that it would be well received.

So it’s been an awesome day, and the beach is cool. And you thought this post was going to be boring!