Blog like a mo

The gauntlet has been laid down, the call has been put out, the challenge has been issued.

Blog like a Mofo is here.

As some kind of mummy blawger (for want of any kind of less naff descriptor), I guess I’m focusing more on the “mo” part of that acronym.

Actually, if you’re romantically involved with someone with a moustache, could you still be considered a mofo? Happily (or sadly), the Captain would probably qualify for either. It’s the eastern European blood. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

Where were we? Right. Blog like a Mofo!

The pertinent information can be found here:

As a “mummy blogger”, I’m pretty sure I’m morally required to post a list of new year’s resolutions at this point in the year. But I don’t do resolutions, because I think they’re stupid and pointless. If you want to make changes in your life, why wait for a specific day to start? If you don’t want to make changes in your life, but feel you should anyway, then why? The whole thing seems at best a waste of time, and at worst a highly pressured and guilt-laden situation with a high rate of failure followed by months of self-flagellation. Who needs that!

But. I have to admit that after years of staunch new year’s resolution avoidance, I almost fell into it this year. Working full time hours over Christmas, the only way to keep myself going was chocolate. Seriously, I tried lots of things, but chocolate was the one thing that consistently worked.

After weeks of overconsumption of chocolate (and coffee, and soft drink, just in case they decided to help), I was feeling pretty crappy. I was bloated and breaking out and just feeling very weighed down from not eating very well.

And there was the internet, with all these super helpful hints and tips. All the pictures, all the ads, everything telling me about how I should be feeling guilty (l’m right there with you, societal pressure!) and doing something about it.

I actually seriously considered giving up refined sugar altogether in January. Sugar-free January has a nice ring to it, and I could blog about my experience – the inevitable withdrawals, the lost weight and centimetres, how much better I feel afterwards, the same old crap.

But Christmas came and went, in spectacular style this time, work calmed down and suddenly I found I just wasn’t craving chocolate, caffeine and sugar any more. And slowly, I started to think about what giving up all refined sugar would really mean. Was it about eating healthier, or was it about restricting? Was it going to help my overall health, or was it going to make me a paranoid, stressed out person reading every label on every morsel of food to figure out if I can have it or not? Was this just a slide back into the control and eating issues of my past?

Yeah. That’s exactly what it was.

So now I’m eating a bit better, preparing my meals and snacks better to help keep my blood sugar stable (it gets low, not high – I like to do things differently) so that I don’t need to reach for sugar to avoid a mega-crash, and I’m drinking a bit less coffee, because I feel a bit ill when I have too much. Oh, and water! I’m pretty sure I’ve been dehydrated for a month now, so I’m upping my water intake a lot.

It doesn’t make for a very interesting blog, but it does make for an overall balanced life, and that’s fine by me.

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