Oh sh…oot

So I’ve already bitched and moaned about my shoulder. It’s getting better, I have more movement and way less pain! Yay! Considering my doctor was hoping that the injection (the incredible, magic, injection. I love steroids.) might get me through the weekend, about three weeks of vastly reduced pain has been amazing. It is starting to come back now, mostly just aching but getting quite constant again – I’m not sure if it’s the injection wearing off, or the fact that I have maybe been overdoing things a little. I’d act more guilty, but honestly, working in retail at Christmas time and having a one year old, it’s pretty hard not to! If anything, I’m proud of myself for taking it as easy as I have.

But anyway, the pain is slowly coming back, and now the Captain has injured his knee! Luckily it doesn’t seem to be serious, but he’s supposed to stay off it for three days, which, again – one year old. His timing is impeccable. We’re so in sync, it’s totally romantic. Or something.

Tonight we were both in pain, so we ended up ordering pizza and letting Munchkin eat junk and watch Big Bang Theory with us. Our application for Parents of the Year will be in the mail.

The next few days should be fun!

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