Things I never knew I needed to know

Did you know that it is possible to melt chicken? I didn’t. I guess maybe it’s one of those things you have to learn the hard way… or by reading a blog post about someone who learned it the hard way!

One night when the Captain and I were both feeling too lazy to cook (there were some excuses, but let’s face it – that’s what it comes down to!) we grabbed a roasted chicken on our way home. It was still super hot, which the doctor says is fine, but to be extra careful I decided to heat my serve up when we got it home.

I whacked my chicken onto a plate and into the microwave. So far, so good.

Then, what I *thought* I did was press the 10-sec button three times to put it on for thirty seconds.

Confident that I would soon have sizzling hot chicken to wrap my lips around, I started pottering around the kitchen while I waited.

After a bit of pottering, I suddenly realised that the microwave probably should have gone off. Rushing to check it I saw that the clock had 31 seconds left on it…. whoops! In a flash of brilliance, I’d managed to press the 1-min button, directly above the 10-sec one, thrice, and my chicken pieces had been nuking for about 2.5 minutes now.

Hurriedly, I opened the door to find that the plate was scorching hot, and my chicken… the pieces had melted into one big, oddly shaped piece and hardened into something that kind of resembled a ninja star. It was probably hard enough to kill someone too, or at least seriously injure them.

Deciding I valued my teeth too much to risk it, I prized my chicken ninja star off the plate (it had melted onto the ceramic and stuck down), reluctantly binned it and got more chicken from the bag. Of course, by that stage it had gone half cold, so this time I had no choice but to microwave it. I was careful to press the right button the second time around!