The Captain has been following those “pregnancy timeline” guides, more closely than I have. Apparently on some things I’m right on schedule, while other things don’t match up at all.

Last week when we were driving home from work together, he asked me; “Have you been getting narkier than usual this week?”

At first I thought he was trying to make a subtle point, and started mentally rehashing every conversation we’d had for the last couple of days looking for times that I may have been rude. But it turned out he was just curious, since these two weeks are supposed to be the time that I get moody and angry. This is why it’s good to elaborate!

I replied that I didn’t really think I’d been particularly narky, at least not that I’d noticed.

But then I started thinking back to the previous day when, after missing out on the burger I was craving, I snapped at my poor mother, in the middle of a cafe that we frequent, “I don’t want a goddamn muffin!”.

Narky? Me? Maybe just a little.

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