The halfway mark

Today marks the start of week 20! I am officially halfway through pregnancy – unless Munchkin decides to stick around an extra week like I did. My poor mother!

Despite all of the sleep over the weekend I’ve been having a serious baby brain day today. After feeling oh-so-organised last night because I laid out my outfit, I woke up this morning and realised that I had no idea what to take for lunch.

I also almost forgot a doctor’s appointment, luckily remembered before I left for the office. Got to the medical centre and was asked for my Medicare card, only to find I’d left my wallet in my other handbag.

After the appointment I headed into the chemist to get an acupressure band to relieve nausea, and when the pharmacist was fetching one for me I remembered again that I didn’t have my wallet.

There were more instances (in fact, both the midwife and the doctor referenced baby brain while I was in the appointment) but those were the big ones. These sorts of days really make me question my ability to be a parent. I mean, really – they’re going to trust me with a baby when I can’t even remember my wallet? Madness!

Update – when I posted this, WordPress suggested that I add some tags to my post. One of the suggestions was “poor mother”. Thanks WordPress! Way to rub it in!

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