A day in the life of a sloth

This will possibly be the most boring “day in a life” blog post ever. You have been warned.

Sunday April 7

10am – After a couple of super early morning wakings thanks to weird dreams and constant peeing, I finally woke up properly at about quarter to 10. The Captain came in a couple of times to ask what I wanted for breakfast, but I couldn’t decide.

A little after 10 I dragged myself out of bed, took my anti-nausea meds and made scrambled eggs on toast for the two of us. It took a while, but I managed to eat about 3/4 of it.

11am – Following breakfast I made myself a weak coffee and joined Captain in the living room, cramming myself into the one semi-clear armchair alongside some graphic cards and cables to keep him company while he Frankensteined a computer (apparently this is taking parts of a bunch of old computers and making one much better one).

I hang out there for a while slowly sipping my coffee and listening to music, and then we go into the spare room (and future nursery) to figure out how to move all the crap in there to elsewhere to make room for baby-related things.

12pm – I made it to the afternoon! Must be time for a nap. Seriously, after making breakfast and then lounging around for an hour I’m exhausted. Cap’n sees me wobbling on my feet and sends me to bed, where I read and check twitter a bit and then fall asleep – spread diagonally across the bed to avoid the cat and a pile of laundry that I have yet to put away. It’s a hard life!

3.30pm – Wake up slowly. The cat sees me stirring and wanders up for cuddles, which seems to involve climbing on top of my bump and boobs. Ouch! Needless to say that doesn’t last long. Cap’n pops in to tell me his sister and her husband will be around later to borrow a spare phone and have offered to bring fish and chips for dinner. Considering he’s had to carry a lot of the load around the house I’m happy to give him a night off cooking (so generous, I know). Unfortunately this means I need to get dressed for the first time today. Jeans and a t-shirt it is!

After hauling myself out of bed for the second time today I join Cap’n in the spare room to clear some stuff out, and in my tidying frenzy I decide to take down the Christmas decorations in the living room and pack them away. Only 3+ months after Christmas. There’s really no point rushing these things!

4.30pm – All that being on my feet has tired me out, but I don’t want to go back to sleep ahead of people coming around. I sit in bed playing 4 pics 1 word to try and keep from nodding off.

5pm – Too hungry to wait for fish and chips, so I head to the fridge, trying to talk myself out of Tim Tams. Luckily(?) there is a choc chip muffin there that Matt bought for me yesterday but I was too sick to eat. It’s gone a little hard, so I whack it in the microwave.

While I’m waiting I spy a stray tennis ball on the floor and decide to kick it across the room. Unfortunately my coordination is a little off, so I wind up kicking the remnants of a wall that we’re demolishing instead, ripping some skin off my little toe. Owie!

My toe wasn’t really bleeding, and I really was quite hungry, so I decided to eat the muffin before tending to my self-inflicted injury. Priorities! I break the muffin up and eat the bottom first, because that’s just the way things are meant to be.

Then I hobble out to the bathroom to clean up my toe with dettol and put a bandaid on.

6pm – The others arrive with delicious, greasy fish and chips. We talk work, life and baby news, and I show them the latest scans – which I then drop into tomato sauce. Smooth!

6.45pm – I’m almost falling asleep at the table, so we say goodnight. After retching for a while (hyperemesis is a bitch) I head outside to feed the animals. Because I’m still feeling a bit tender and unwell I keep the dogs at bay instead of our normal cuddles and play routine. My poor girls are suffering from me being sick all the time. That does suck, and it makes me question whether I/we could handle me being pregnant again (presuming I get the same sickness and fatigue next time) once we have a child as well as our pets. But I guess we’ll worry about that if/when it becomes an issue.

7pm – Shower time! I can finally get out of these restrictive clothes that I’ve been stuck in for all of three and a half hours. Such relief!

7.30pm – Back in pyjamas at last (ahem), Cap’n and I curl up in bed to watch an amazing Game of Thrones interview. It’s an hour and a half of awesome, with George RR Martin and a bunch of the cast and crew. It’s really interesting, and Peter Dinklage is hilarious. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkzodgRaze8

9pm – Getting sleepy, but not ready for bed yet, so we settle in to watch an ep of Stargate SG 1 (we’re up to season 6) before turning in for the night. I decide to use one last scrap of energy to be productive and put away my clothes, even laying out an outfit for the morning. Look at me go! I’ll brush my teeth while watching too, so I can try to sleep as soon as the episode is over.

And on that exciting note, this blog post is done. Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

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