Timing is everything

Overshare alert!

Sore breasts have been a pretty major feature in pregnancy for me, pretty much from the start. Usually it’s caused by something, but every now and then I get random stabby aches and pains, and the only way to ease them is by applying pressure to the area that hurts.

Of course, before you do this, you probably want to check that your male co-worker isn’t about to walk through the door. If you don’t do that, and you do get busted feeling yourself up, try to remove your hand from your breast before locking eyes with him. Trust me, it’s just better that way.

Update: It seems I’m not the only one who learned something from the experience. That workmate has taken to saying ‘g’day’ before he actually walks into the room. It seems I’m not the only one who felt the awkwardness.


Not a morning person

Today’s adventures in baby brain:

Put my underwear on inside out. Didn’t realise for a couple of hours.

Decided it would be fine to shower and wash dishes before eating anything. It was not fine. I had to evacuate the kitchen and make a mercy dash for the bathroom, then couldn’t keep down even one spoonful of my miraculous morning sickness muesli.

The worst part was, I’d told the Captain off for doing the dishes and taken over from him (he cooked last night), only to have to leave them. He snuck in and finished them while I was lying in bed waiting for my stomach to stop hating me.

By the time I felt better I was really hungry and over it, so I gave up on trying to eat well and had half a hot cross bun instead. Some days you just have to roll with it.

Happy Feet

Today I decided to wear my favourite shoes. I put one of them on and thought maybe I needed to tighten the strap at the back, because it felt funny. Nope, I’d just put it on the wrong foot!

They are a bit scuffed from an accidental-bush-hike adventure on holiday last year (I’ll explain that one day, maybe), and my toenails desperately need to be repainted, but red shoes = happy feet.

As it turned out it was to be one of those mornings where one mistake snowballs, and things start to pile up. Driving to work today, I got so caught up in singing along with the radio that I got almost all the way to the office before remembering that I was meant to pick up a coworker on the way.

Luckily she doesn’t live far away, but the route to her house took me into the path of every single truck on the road, plus three separate roadworks. At one of the roadworks the road was completely blocked, but due to the big truck in front of me (actually, due to swearing at the big truck in front of me for being big and slow) I completely missed the detour and ended up getting totally lost in a suburb not five minutes from where I grew up.

Even with everything going wrong this morning, it was still a better day than last Wednesday. Actually, I’d take 10 billion of these days over one emergency trip to the hospital – but that’s a story for another day.

And really, with red shoes and good tunes, things can’t be all that bad!

I got chills

I’m not sure whether it’s baby brain, sleep deprivation or general fatigue, but I just went to the fridge to find my laptop. Admittedly this isn’t as concerning as if I’d actually found it there…